Warranty & Care


The Penrod Company provides a one-year warranty on all its building hardware and weather strip seals, assuring coverage against manufacturing defects under normal usage following delivery. This warranty does not cover defects or damage due to improper use or handling of material, ordinary wear and tear, or any misuse. The liability shall be limited to replacement or repair of any product supplied by Penrod.

Penrod will not accept claims unless it’s given proper notice and an opportunity to examine the claimed material and its installation.

The warranty will automatically be considered void for hinges and hardware subjected to any foreign substances or cleaning agents other than a mild warm water and soap solution, which must be wiped off the hinge with a dry, clean rag immediately following use.

We value the long-term partnerships and relationships we have forged with our customers, who have come to know and trust us as a supplier of building hardware and weather strip seals for our consistent and transparent business practices. For Penrod’s team of professionals, integrity and commitment are more than words — they reflect the mantra of our entire team and are why we are the leader in customer satisfaction in our industry.


The quality craftsmanship of our building hardware and hinges is immediately apparent upon inspection. As your trusted building hardware supplier, we are confident that our weather strip seals and door hardware will get the job done! This is backed by our one-year manufacturing warranty, underscoring our serious commitment to excellence and reliability in every product we offer.